Love for music,

passion for listening.

The stylus touches the vinyl and the miracle happens once again.. Music fills up the room and there, right in front of us, the air vibrates with sounds.

Our passion for hi fidelity comes from the wonder we experience every time the voice of a great singer, the touch of a great soloist or the interpretation of a great director comes to life in front of us.

They could be Jim Morrison, Maria Callas or Herbert Von Karajan, reproducing our favorite music in the best way possible enhances involvement and emotions.

For his reason we are always seeking the best appliances to reproduce music and want to share our experience with anyone who want to follow us.

Why “Vintage”? Not to follow a trend, for sure, if it can really be considered a trend, but because our “many and many years” listening experience lead us to evaluate again hi fi appliances that have still something to say from the musical performance point of view.

We have reached the idea that in the past who designed audio appliances had a sensitiveness and musical culture that today has been lost, with the exception of few exceptions. They were technicians and engineers.. but they were mainly music passionates. And every time we listen to an appliance built in the hi fi golden age we can feel that and confirm this idea.

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