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Impressive and huge and very impressive and really huge.

But beautiful, in a sort of “tanky” way.

Launched for Thorens’ 101th anniversary, only 101 Prestige record players were planned to be made. However, the model was available on order at least until 1993 -at 15,000$- so there might have been a few more.

Because, like the later Referenz, the Prestige sold very well… especially in Japan !

According to independent reviewers, the Prestige is a far better turntable than the Referenz – I wouldn’t know but I do know that of the two, the Prestige is the one I’d welcome in my home.


Drive system: Belt drive

Motor: 16 pole 2 phase synchronous motor

Speeds: 33⅓, 45. 78 RPM

Motor speed control: quartz controlled electronic 2 phase generator

Pitch control: ≥6%

Turntable platter: 8,1 kg complete with mat and goldweight

Platter diameter: 340 mm

Wow and flutter according: ≤0,02% (DIN 45507)

Rumble unweighted according: >54 dB (DIN 45 539)

Rumble weighted according: >70 dB (DIN 45 539)

Rumble measured with Thorens Rumpelmasskoppler according to DIN:

Unweighted: >70 dB

Weighted: >80 dB

Power requirements: 2 x 19 V : 200 mA

Main voltage: may be connected to any line voltage using the appropriate Thorens AC adapter

Dimensions: 612 x 510 x 280 mm

Weight: 55 kg